Acamar Analysis and Consulting provides unbiased, objective strategic and operational Space and Air and Missile Defense expertise. Our advice allows clients to make optimal decisions in procurement, efficiency, and defense design. We are independently owned and operated without representation or legal ties to defense contractors or government entities.

Acamar Analysis and Consulting is the premier think tank and consulting agency for Air and Missile Defense providing information and strategy to increase awareness and efficiency.



Our multilingual team has decades of military, civilian, and international experience. Our contributors have worked at the highest strategic levels within the military as well as in Fortune 500 companies and regulatory consulting for global financial institutions.

Acamar personnel have unparalleled backgrounds in Air and Missile Defense, Intelligence, Space Operations, Aviation, Infantry, and Special Operations. Every team member has operational experience through multiple global assignments with the U.S. military. Acamar’s members are well known in the international Air and Missile Defense community. We have worked closely with the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), various Middle Eastern militaries, and NATO. Additionally, we have engaged with governments, organizations, and militaries throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and East Asia. 

Our workforce has taught at the University of California Davis, the Air Defense School of the German Air Force, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the NATO School, the Future Warfare Center of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense School, and the Air Defense Artillery Fire Control (ADAFCO) Officer Course of the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School.


Acamar associates have academic degrees in Aeronautical Science, International Relations, Mechanical Engineering, Space Studies, Engineering Management, Political Science, Middle East Studies, Economics, Linguistics, National Security Studies, and Computer Science.


Acamar combines military operations, academic knowledge, and experience of working for top global management consulting firms into one entity. We have been commanders, planners, tactical directors, aircraft technicians, pilots, systems engineers, program managers, operations officers, instructors, and global regulatory consultants.   

We offer the ability to educate, uncover hidden requirements, drive new thinking, increase efficiency, and make recommendations. We help establish relationships and promote our clients’ specific needs.

The skill set found within the Acamar organization is unparalleled and uniquely equipped to serve as an outsourced consulting solution in the field of Air and Missile Defense for governments, academic institutions, corporations, organizations and select individuals. We offer basic and advanced education, analysis of defense requirements, critical review of existing designs, procurement guidance, networking opportunities, and general consulting services.

In an uncertain strategic environment, we provide real information and real strategy based on real world experience.


Acamar is independently owned and operated. We are uniquely equipped to offer unmatched realistic and unbiased consulting. Acamar is exceptional and meticulous in its analytical approach, 

exclusively providing operational knowledge and experience

into its products and services.


Acamar ensures that basic as well as complex concepts of space, air, and missile defense are familiar and understood by its clients and audiences. We provide real information and strategy to assist and enable international and domestic customers to make sound decisions in these fields.


Acamar prides itself in providing the highest qualified and unequivocally authentic assessments and analysis, tailored and designed exclusively for the distinct needs of each valued client. Every Acamar client enters an exclusive and personal relationship with us that never terminates with the end of one particular assignment, but enables our valued clients to reach back to us anytime.


Acamar provides lectures, seminars, workshops, and panel discussions for institutions of higher learning pertaining to air and missile defense and its influence on geopolitics, security, and foreign policy. Acamar also tailors lectures and seminars for governments and military academies, to include those of allied, partner, and friendly nations.


Acamar embraces diversity, critical thinking, and multi-faceted approaches through its highly qualified and uniquely experienced staff, analysts, and contributors.


Acamar believes in the need to educate the broader public about space, air, and missile defense-related misconceptions by working with media and academic institutions to assure and enable appropriate air and missile defense education, facilitating the dissemination of factual knowledge and preventing inaccurate reporting and teaching.


Acamar exercises the utmost discretion for all clients and does not publicly disclose or share client identities, relationships, or contractual details.


Acamar has identified the need for proper and precise academic representation of space and air and missile defense concepts and capabilities not only in science and engineering, but also in international relations and geopolitics.


Through its highly trained and experienced staff and contributors, Acamar's think tank division advocates for and conducts research and dialogue concerning air and missile defense-related topics. Acamar assists and collaborates with international and domestic think tanks in space, air, and missile defense-related studies and topics.


Our name refers to the star Acamar at the end of the constellation Eridanus. Acamar is derived from the traditional Arabic name, Ākhir an-Nahr, which means “the end of the river.” This name highlights the space-related aspect of our work in missile defense and acknowledges that what may appear to be the end to one, may be the just the beginning to another. Acamar, a westernized word with Arabic origin, symbolizes the synthesis of eastern thought with western thought, a concept that Acamar wholeheartedly embraces through careful consideration and analysis of all perspectives.


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